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Really - just relax. You probably don't believe me now, but this is going to be fun. I can't count the number of times I've first heard things like, "I'm not good at getting my picture taken," or, "I never know what to do," and, "I always feel so awkward when I'm being photographed." Then, usually after less than 10 minutes into a session I hear; "This is fun!" and, "I'm actually enjoying myself!"

During your session, I'll treat you like you're a guest in my home - no matter where we are. It's my job to make you comfortable and even entertained.

I've had my picture taken by some photographers that didn't even look at me, except through the camera. It's easy to see the difference in those photographs -there's always something missing. It's usually right there in the eyes. 



walkin' & talkin'

Do I give direction during the session? Absolutely!
What kind of direction? Well...

  • Everyone look at me. I'm the one with the camera.
  • Ok, push your head forward like a turtle.
  • Slide a bit to your right...your other right.
  • Pretend I said something funny.
  • Look at me with your eyes.
  • Don't move! You look amazing and there's a bee...
  • Show me devious...try constipated...
  • Do something amazing with your hands.
  • Look at this shot! We're so good at this!

Have a question? We've got the answer.

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