I'm a real curtain-dropper.



Think 'Wizard of OZ'. As in the levers and buttons that made OZ tick.

There's a lot of trust that people give to a photographer. It can be a vulnerable feeling to get your picture taken. 

I like to partner with my clients. If they're in on the what, why and how a shot is being made, they can help to get the best images possible. 

They say that no one acts normal in front of a mirror or a lens. By being a 'curtain-dropper' about the process, I think it makes people more comfortable.

My wife will tell you I can be a bit of a handful. Photo by Candie Sheehey


Adams, New York: Nature, nature, nature.

When I first got started in photography, I took pictures of everything around me. Lot's of scenery. I'm pretty lucky. This is a beautiful place to live and there's so much great stuff to photograph.



Here's my game show bio.


If Chuck or Alex ever say "tell me a little about yourself" before I spin the wheel or answer in the form of a question, I'll be ready. 
We moved from the desert of Tucson to the lush greenery (or white-ery, depending on the season) of the North Country. I'm the youngest of nine children, which might explain why I talk so much. Candie and I have two kids of our own: Ryan and Riley. We're all pretty goofy, but I'm the king goof. Check out that sweet hair from my high-school yearbook pic. Hard to believe that was almost 3 years ago. ☺ 
I'm interested in so many things: camping, hiking, fly-fishing, weight-lifting, coaching youth sports, craft beers, playing guitar, wood working, gardening, travel, our dogs and cats and, of course, photography. 

On Photography



Time for a little curtain-dropping. The experts will tell you that if you're in the business of photography, your about page shouldn't really be about you - it should be about what you can do for your customers. Although I'm sure they're right, let me tell you one other thing about my personality - I can be quite the contrarian. So if you've read up to this point, you've seen that my about page has actually been about me. Oh the scandal! That being said, if you happen to be checking me out to find out if I'm the photographer for you, I'll at least tell you a little about my photographic journey. I've been shooting professionally since 2013.


My dad was an amateur photographer and I suppose that on some subconscious level, he gave me the bug. I miss him everyday and often think about him when I'm hiking in the hills with a tripod over my shoulder.




While photographing everything around me, I discovered that I love to photograph people the most. I like the interactions I get to have with people while I'm photographing them. 


I worked hard at learning how to control light. I spent (or should I say 'spend') hours practicing with different off-camera flash and strobe set-ups. Photography is all about light, and the more I learn about it, the more I discover I'll never know it all. But it's the journey that counts, not the destination.


When I started, like most budding photographers, I'd photograph anything that was in front of me. I learned a lot about good (and bad) composition. There were trips to the zoo, walks in the yard and even some street photography.


I've photographed a lot of events: Weddings, parties, sports - you name it. All of that fast-paced action taught me to use the camera like an extension of my hand. I could make adjustments so fast that I didn't miss any of the important shots.


And so, here I am.


If you read this far, thanks for the interest! I'm sure I left some bits and pieces out. Give me a call, send me an email, message me on Facebook or text me. I'm happy to fill in the missing parts. I photograph people and events all year long. I'm happy to travel for it, try crazy stuff and even make the occasional mistake☺. If it means I get to interact with people who want to make amazing images with me, I'm happy as a clam.

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