After the lights have been turned off... when the doors are locked and the last picture has been delivered... there's only one thing left to do... so... how'd I do? 

I always check in when the job is done. I want to know what I can do to make things better and what I did just right.

Here are some awfully nice things folks have said about my work, the experience and generally how I do my thing. If you'd ever like to talk to someone first-hand, let me know and I'll get you in touch with a person who has spent some time on the lens side of my camera.

Walter is fun and so nice! His pictures are amazing. I’d recommend him for any type of photography!
— Maggie, Henderson

We told him that we hate getting our pictures taken. He made it so fun that we didn’t want the session to end.
— Katie, Syracuse

I love his work! He’s patient and very adaptable. I tell everyone about his photography.
— Jackie, Adams

You’re communication is excellent. You answered all of my questions and my daughter had an amazing time. Thank you!
— Anne, Adams

The picture session was relaxed. The prints are gorgeous. I’d recommend him to anyone who wants something special.
— Alicia, Watertown

The album is going to be a gift to my daughter when she grows up. Thank you for being so patient. We love your work!
— Pat, Mexico

We’ve worked with a bunch of photographers. Your work is the best we’ve seen.
— Connie, Syracuse

Walter is really friendly. We all felt so comfortable with him. And we were impressed by how fast the pictures were ready.
— Matthew, Syracuse